Steadee is a platform that aims to bring every prospect onto the same platform to improve communications, enhance collaborations, build trust, and increase sales performance. Ultimately bringing unparalleled quality of service, trust, reliability to our customer.

Philosophy, Vision & Mission

Our Philosophy

We, Steadee, shall approach our Goals with openness to new advanced technology, appreciate the breakthroughs in the market. Shall never stop exploring possibilities and create opportunities to serve the market with greater precisions, greater solutions.

Our Vision

Steadee aims to deliver a brand new home buying experience to the market using advanced technology that people are no longer bound by geolocation or confused, misled by insincere listings. The journey of owning an asset should be a journey of excitement & hope.

Our Mission

2022, Steadee strives to be Malaysia’s one-stop property solution, carrying the best practices by benchmarking ourselves against the best players in the market. We are extremely sensitive to the needs of our clients, ensuring confidence and security, knowing that they are dealing with our experienced, resourceful, knowledgeable and professional team. Providing excellence in all areas of service.

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